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My days were filled with song!  This CD has 10 of the songs that inspired me to walk just a little bit further, or rest, or find a way to help someone else.  Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Walking the Camino

​"With you every step of the way, you'll find that Annie is the greatest fan of your life: YOU CAN DO THIS.  And you should." 

​-Lori Odino, designer

I wrote this 'back pocket book' for anyone who has walked the Camino, anyone who dreams of walking the Camino,and anyone who knows they will never walk the Camino , but still longs to know what it would be like...

​The book is divided into 40 days, about what it took me to walk.  Each day starts with a quote 

and inspires you to walk

the Camino, wherever you 

​are.  LENT SPECIAL: Get a 

​free music CS with every book purchase!  My treat!